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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Smokey Eyes At Day Time

 Few simple steps to follow up before going out at day timing can give you glamorous looks, And if its smokey... you must be looking real awesum.. Try it :)

First, sweep the lightest shade, the pink-nude eyeshadow, into the inner corner of your eyelids, and sweep up and outward. This is going to really open up your eye, especially if you are tired, or need a “pick-me-up.”


Second, lightly pat down the eyelid color, which is a sheer, medium gray shade. The reason this shade in particular works wonderfully is because it has a bit of shimmer to it, and actually picks up and reflects the pink-nude color from the inner corner of our eye. This shade looks dark in the palette, and it can be applied for high drama, but I made sure to pat one layer lightly, and blend out well in the crease area.

Third, apply the deepest shade, the shimmery black, to the outer third of your eye. Most smokey eyes take the “smokey” part up and into the crease of the eye. For our daytime appropriate smokey eye, we are only going to lightly pat this shade down on the outer third of our eye. From here, you then take a blending brush, and blend out the black with circular motions, sweeping the black into a more sheer shimmer, and only blending it up slightly.
Fourth, apply a black eyeliner to your lower waterline. Most smokey eyes add dark eyeshadow or very thick eyeliner to the bottom lash line. For the daytime smokey eye, we still want the effect, but a slightly more demure version. Once you have applied black eyeliner only to your lower waterline, take a smudging tool (an eyeshadow sponge works beautifully), and with a very light hand, smudge the black liner from the waterline down slightly. The reason we are doing this is so that the line doesn’t look perfect and straight, but slightly disheveled.
Fifth, lightly pat down the lightest shade you used for the inner corner of your eye onto your brow bone. This helps to accentuate your face, and bring everything together. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara.

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