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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Make Up Brands In Pakistan

Odho Makeup is the most well-known aesthetic product among the nationwide aesthetic brands in Pakistan. The owner of this brand is famous TV Actor/Model, Atiqa Odho.Now in famous Salons like Sabs ,Jugnoo and Nikhar etc, this brand is used. Their most popular make-up products are Eye shades and Blush-on’s. It has been managing in Pakistan for quite a while now and it has created its position in the marketplace. They are known for using Islamically permitted (Halal) substances in their items and are providing a variety of shade cosmetics, out of which the most well-known are their blush-on and eye darkness sets having a variety of colors.

This product has gained a lot of popularity in a very short. The reason behind the success of this aesthetic product is the usage of 100 % natural ingredients in their items. Store has a lot to offer to its audience. You can find a variety of shampoos, perfumes, system mists, system wash and other accessories and make up items. Store has items to fall madly in love with. With beautiful look bottles and amazing fragrances, it is surely the most popular aesthetic product in Pakistan. Though their items are fairly costly but they are dedicated in offering magnificent top excellent items. So if you are investing 1000Rs or more on their item then believe in me it’s value it. They keep on releasing new items.

Saeed Ghani is an natural product. This product has got every ones attention due to their genuine and unique herbs substance in their products. They are providing large range of Ubtans, increased water, natural, outfits and covers etc. Saeed Ghani is working in Indo-Pak subcontinent since 1888.

This is one of the most well-known beauty brands all over the world. The makeup provided by M.A.C are exactly what women desired for age groups. MAC also has a variety of hairdressing, skin maintenance systems. Other than this they have unique impact on line known as MAC Barbie items impact variety.

Luscious Makeup is one of the growing cosmetic brands in Pakistan. With a very small period of time Luscious Makeup has made a re-known place in the marketplace. Now people are getting aware of different beauty brands in Pakistan and their pattern of purchasing make-up is also changing from worldwide to regional brands. They are in pursuit to give high-class excellent items. Blus-on’s are very popular of Luscious cosmetics.

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