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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Akshey Kumar's Joker is a flop

Sonakshi Sinha And Akshay Kumar's new film "Joker" was a flop. Though the film was released last Friday, but the trend is not juflm good opening weekend at the box office and the first film, the audience could not gather a crowd, Trade experts associated with the 'flop' are declared. "clown" is facing the same situation. experts believe that the movie might also barely a week to go.

An Indian news agency "Indo-Asian News (IA NS) The" clown "before the release of the publicity campaign was launched with great force and noise, but the film's first weekend in India, only 15 million of accomplishment in business did.

The film's director Farah Khan's husband Suresh ravine in the 2006 film The Sun "soul mind" had directed that the average business.

 "Joker" Farah Khan is the producer of the film Farah Khan at the box office despite all efforts to the crowd as they can not combine a heroin film "Shirin Farhad then had to leave" was released last week and now rrhy to rock the box office.

"Joker" movie a special and unique is the fact that it contains only one hour 45 minute period, while Hindi films are generally composed of approximately three hours.

"Joker" story living abroad back to India for a long period of Ibsen s story. Films in the science fiction comedy and family movie which is also amyzys. Was also in the film is an item song. According to Farah Khan Item Song poetry in India or Pakistan is a hdtk be considered objectionable.

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